Admiring Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, tasting Labskaus and wandering the neighbourhood of St Georg

Hamburg is such a cool city with loads of things to see. Today we visited Miniatur Wunderland, tasted Labskaus and wandering the neighbourhood of St Georg.

We were up bright and early for our third and final day in Hamburg. On our first day we explored the city’s old town and on the second day, we checked out the neighbourhoods of Hafencity and Speicherstadt.

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Our first item on the day’s agenda was to visit Miniatur Wunderland. According to TripAdvisor this is the top attraction to see in Hamburg.

We had pre-booked our tickets online which meant that we didn’t have to queue. So it was straight up the stairs and into the exhibition.

The reviews were not wrong as the museum recreated miniature versions of railroads, cities and life in Germany, Europe and even America. It even includes a fully operational version of Hamburg airport. It was quite mesmerising watching the flights take off.

There is so much tiny detail in the exhibitions such as fire engines moving through the streets to respond to fires and car accidents. We even spotted a model of a dead man in a stream!

To say the wife was in her element is an understatement. She waited for ten minutes for the displays to go dark so she could press the UFO button. This triggered a UFO to fly over a display of Middle Germany. I wish she was abducted and taken to a distant moon! Joke.

St Michaelis Church

As we left Miniatur Wunderland it started to rain. But the weather didn’t stop us walking to the new city of Hamburg – Neustadt.

First of all we visited St Michaelis Church. This is one of Hamburg’s major landmarks. The church was rebuilt in its current form after Great Fire of Hamburg in 1842.

The tower is over 130 metres high and for €5 you can gain access to a viewing platform. We opted against this as the weather was bad and it meant the view wasn’t guaranteed.


It was only a short walk from the church to Krameramtswohnungen.

Even though there was no chance of us correctly pronouncing this street’s name, it was very pretty to the eye. Basically it’s a street full of timber houses dating back around 401 years.

It was also the place where the heavens opened and we were subjected to heavy rain. Luckily Hayley was armed with a duck themed umbrella to keep us dry-ish.

Zitromenjette Hamburg

We struggled on through the rain to the statue of Zitronenjette.

This statue remembers Henriette Johanne Marie Müller. She was a popular figure in Hamburg who sold lemons to the public. Unfortunately she suffered from mental health problems in later life.

The statue has a golden finger, which if you touch, brings you good fortune.


After a busy morning it was time for lunch. We decided on a restaurant called Laufauf which specialises in Labskaus.

This is a famous Hamburg delicacy consisting of corned beef, herring, beetroot and fried egg. It is served with a side of rollmops (another type of herring). With some nervousness we both opted for this dish.

Thankfully there was nothing to worry about as the Labskaus was beautiful, it tasted similar to corned beef hash.

St Georg

Only a short walk from our hotel is the up-and-coming Hamburg neighbourhood of St Georg. And no this is not a typo? Georg is not missing an ‘e’ at the end!

I can only describe this fashionable neighbourhood as arty and hipster. A completely different experience from the Reeperbahn!

Even though our first stop of Hasnaplatz would hardly win tourist destination of the year, it was a good place to get a drink and watch life go by.

Just up the road, the main street of St George is called Lange Reihe. This road is full of little cafes, bars, restaurants and vibrant arty shops.

Hee-Yang restaurant, St Georg

We decided to stay in St Georg for our evening meal. The restaurant we chose was a Thai place called Hee-Jang.

I opted for crispy duck in peanut sauce with chilli and Hayley opted for a chicken, ginger and garlic stir fry.

Both meals were gorgeous. Although even though we’ve been together for 14 years, Hayley didn’t know I could use chopsticks!

Unfortunately this was our last day in Hamburg. It is definitely one of the coolest cities on planet earth.

We are off to Bremen tomorrow and we hope to have a great time there too.

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  1. It was as if I was there with you. But common sense says thank goodness I wasn’t so I didn’t have to experience the strange combination of herring with corned beef. I can feel the heave already!

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