Visiting the city of Bremen to see the cathedral, town hall and Schnoor neighbourhood

Bremen - Germany

On a wet day we explored the city of Bremen to see what the city had to offer. There was quite a lot to see including the cathedral, town hall and Schnoor neighbourhood.

We were up nice and early to head to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to get our train to Bremen. We had an amazing time in Hamburg and we were quite sad to say goodbye to the city.

The train to Bremen from Hamburg

Once we arrived in Hamburg Hauptbahnhof we bought some souvenirs and had a light breakfast before boarding our train.

For some reason we had a private cabin on the train. Not that we got much use out of it though, the train journey only took one hour to get to Bremen.

Wallanlegan Bremen

On our way into Bremen city centre the short walk took us through Wallenlegan.

This park is located next to the city walls. It’s surrounded by a moat and has nice little cafes dotted around and loads of cyclists. By loads of cyclists I mean hundreds of them coming at you from all directions.

Domshof Bremen

We then walked under the city walls and arrived at Domshof. This was was the scene of an outdoor food market and some sort of musical event.

We sat at a table here and shared an award winning erbsensuppe, or in English – pea soup, from one of the vendors. Even though it looked like something produced after a stomach bug, it was quite tasty.

Right next to the square was a market hall selling hot food from all over the world. We tried some hot chorizo and some wine from one of the stalls.

Bremen Cathedral

We then walked down to the old market square which is home to a number of Bremen’s main attractions.

Bremen Cathedral was the first of the attractions to see. This is an 11th century protestant cathedral which was restored in 1880 after one of the towers collapsed in the 17th century.

Bremen Rathaus

Next door to Bremen Cathedral is the Rathaus. This is Bremen’s Town Hall and also an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Apparently it’s the only town hall in Germany that dates back to the Middle Ages.

We were just appreciating the detail of the sculptures on the front when it started to rain. So we retreated to the safety of a nearby bar. At least we had a drink with a great view of the market square.

Town Musicians of Bremen Statue

Just off the main market square is the Town Musicians of Bremen statue.

This statue is based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It represents the tale of four animals, who are neglected by their masters. They plot an escape to Bremen where they aim to become musicians.


Even though it was still raining we decided to struggle on bravely to Böttcherstrasse.

This amazing street welcomes you with a golden piece of artwork called ‘Bringer of Light’ by Bernhard Hoetger.

After walking through the gate we were greeted with little shops, cafes are bars in 1920’s style expressionist architecture.

Hayley insisted on purchasing some weird form of candy to crunch as we walked along here.


With the rain easing off a little bit we walked along the river promenade to Schnoor.

This neighbour was once home to the city’s fisherman. Nowadays the beautiful and narrow streets are frequented by tourists.

The cottages on both sides of the alleyways host a variety a of bars and cafes.

Motos Restaurant Bremen

For our evening meal we headed to Motos, a Greek and Albanian fusion restaurant.

I decided on a lamb fillet with rice, coleslaw and tzatziki. Like all the meals this week it was delectable.

We had a great day in Bremen, the city is right up there with one of the most beautiful cities we’ve visited.

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