Country in focus – Germany

Bremen - Germany

Germany is the beating heart of Europe and has amazing and unique cities bursting with culture.

When should I go to Germany?

You can visit Germany year-round. From my experience, the summers are warm so that means it’s great for activities such as walking or sitting in outdoor cafes and beer gardens.

Even though winters can be cold, you should visit to take in fascinating museums and galleries. Not forgetting the spectacular German Christmas markets which are full of crafts, souvenirs, food and drink.

Key stats

Capital – Berlin
Official language – German
Area – 137,847 square miles
Population – 83,166,711 (2019 estimate)
Currency – Euro (€)
Driving side – right

Is Germany expensive?

Generally speaking, food and drink costs are lower than in the UK. Prices can be a little higher in Berlin but not wallet-busting.

On average I would budget for around €3.50 for a draught beer and around €45 for a meal for two.

What food should I try?

Germany food

Germany offers some of the best food in the world. You can eat at restaurants offering both local and international cuisine. But I would not go home without trying crispy pork knuckle, currywurst and schnitzel.


Germany has one of the best and inexpensive transportation systems in the world. You can usually get an all-day travel ticket to use in cities. In bigger cities, these all-day tickets are valid on busses, trams and underground rapid transit.

Tourist Information

Visit the official German tourist information website and always check the United Kingdom government’s travel advice before leaving.

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