Country in focus – Spain

Alcazar de los Reyes cristianos

Spain has amazing cities, delicious cuisine and absorbing culture for you to discover.

When should I go to Spain?

The best time visit Spain is from March to October. Summers are hot, dry and humid. In the height of summer cities and coastal resorts are busier and accommodation costs may increase.

Winter is colder and rain is common inland and in the north, but this can be a great time to visit to discover Spain’s museums and indoor attractions.

Key stats

Capital – Madrid
Official language – Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Occitan
Area – 195,360 square miles
Population – 47,329,981 (2020 estimate)
Currency – Euro (€)
Driving side – right

Is Spain expensive?

I have found that food and drink costs are lower than in the UK. You may find that prices are a little higher near popular attractions and main squares.

On average I would budget for around €3 for a draught beer and around €50 for a meal for two.

What food should I try?

Spain Taberna Bar Santos cordoba

Spain is obviously really famous for its tapas. You will find thousands of cafes and restaurants offering a wide selection of tapas to tempt your tastebuds.

Amongst the dishes I would recommend are patatas bravas, jamón, croquetas and meatballs. If you have some room left then seafood paella is delicious. All washed down with some local wine of course!


Transportation options in Spain are efficient and inexpensive. In bigger cities you can usually get an all-day travel ticket to use on busses and the underground.

To get around the country Renfe trains offer intercity services at reasonable prices.

Tourist Information

Visit the official Spanish tourist information website and always check the United Kingdom government’s travel advice before leaving.

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